October 29th, 2017

Conrunner Kevin

Return from Arizona

Because the later (and direct PXH-RNO) flights on Sunday were absurdly expensive, my flight home from the Worldcon 76 Planning Meeting in Scottsdale was two short flights with a short layover at Las Vegas, and required being at the airport before Noon. But that still meant that I could spend a leisurely buffet breakfast in the hotel in the set of conveniently-arranged tables that allowed people to easily join at the morning went on. Mike Willmoth shuttled David Clark and I over because Dave also had an early flight (although apparently his flight, leaving from the opposite side of the terminal, was significantly delayed and ended up leaving long after I had departed).

My flights were uneventful. Despite having very high boarding numbers on Southwest, I managed to get aisle seats with a center vacant on both legs of the trip, by going to the back of the plane. I wasn't in that much of a hurry. Besides, it meant my bags were already coming off the belt at Reno when I got there.

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I was astounded at how convenient the parking at Reno Airport was. $10/day and you can walk from the terminal across to the parking lot. Lisa had no errands for me in Reno, so I drove straight home, unpacked, and got ready to get to bed as early as I can because it's back to the data mines tomorrow morning.