November 17th, 2017

Rolling Stone

Homeward Bound

I was fortunate to be able to leave Sunnyvale at 10:30 this morning, and even more fortunate that about the time I was leaving the Bay Area, the chain controls over Donner Summit were lifted, giving Caltrans much of the day to clean up the road before I crossed just before dark. But first, I had to deal with a burned-out headlight.

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After a very short visit with my sister, I made for the hills. I really wanted to get over the top before dark, and just managed that. It was just getting full dark as I crossed back into Nevada. The drive was otherwise uneventful, which is fine by me.

Lisa has been staying in the travel trailer most of time, which is is easier to keep warm with the propane furnace. I've got the wood fire restarted. The electric heaters in the house have kept the edge of the cold off, but with the storm having passed through, it's very clear overhead and the temperature is forecast to go down to -5°C tonight, so I want to pump a bit more heat into the house.

That is my last planned trip to the Bay Area this year, and my last work-related trip there until next spring. I have at least two trips over the mountains planned this winter, but they're all "weather permitting."