November 24th, 2017


Ducky Thursday and Black Friday

Our Thanksgiving duck dinner went quite well in the end. The duck was the right size for us, along with the stuffing, mushrooms, and corn Lisa fixed with it. And the pumpkin pie (but not too much pie; my blood sugar is not happy with me). After a walk, Lisa asked if we could go down to the Fernley Nugget casino. I fetched some of the bonus coupons they mail us periodically. Lisa got nicely lucky, hitting a $20 jackpot, which triggered the bonus coupon for $10 of free play. She converted the $10 of free play into about $7 of real money, which is a good conversion rate for slots, and quit while she was ahead.

I had to work today, but in any event only until Noon. After lunch, it was off to Black Friday sales. But just one, and it was only just down Main Street. Big R Ranch & Home was running a one-day 25% off clothing/10% off everything else sale. For this we decided to buy the things we were expecting to buy soon anyway: I need new slacks, and we were running low on fire logs. So we hitched up the utility trailer to the Big Orange Van (which needed a bit of a run anyway) and drove down to Big R. They had one pair of slacks my size. I'd prefer two. They checked with their sister store in Fallon and they had another pair there, so we asked them to hold it for me. We drove home, parked the van/trailer for unloading later (the logs are shrink-wrapped so even if it rains, they'll be okay), and hopped into the Astro to run over to Fallon.

Now it's likely that the trip to Fallon cost a good chunk of what we saved; however, Lisa wanted to get out of the house, and I didn't mind the jaunt myself. As long as it didn't involve going into Reno/Sparks. Considering how busy things seemed in tiny Fernley and Fallon, Reno must have been a mess.

We took our purchases home, then went out for dinner at the Black Bear Diner. After dinner, Lisa decided to push her luck on the slots, and while at one point it looked like she was going to give back everything she'd won last night, luck came back to her and she still managed to quit while ahead by $2.25 before we went home.

Whether we actually try to make it into Reno this weekend is an open question. There is a craft fair at the Sparks Nugget that I might want to try and check out, but otherwise, there's not much that really attracts us there. Heavy duty shopping isn't really our thing, and we wouldn't have done what we did today if it hadn't been attractive discounts on things we were going to purchases soon anyway.