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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Thursday, December 7th, 2017

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The Revenge of the SMOFS
One of my co-workers, during our daily conference call yesterday, asked if I was sick. I said I didn't feel sick, but I apparently sounded so. Today I am sick, and from the messages on the SMOFCon e-mail list, a fair number of other attendees have all come down with colds. This seems nearly inevitable. I tried; I washed my hands regularly, used hand sanitizer, etc., but all of these people in a close space, with at least one person sick (and maybe not even knowing it) leads to mixing of viruses.

Lots of hot soup and early bed-time is indicated, I think.

Last night, after I'd already gone to bed and was asleep, Lisa came in to wake me up and tell me that there had been a power failure. She didn't want me to be gasping for breath on my non-working CPAP machine. The UPS for the computers was sounding the alarm. I got up, shut down all of the computers in an orderly way, and put more wood on the fire. Some investigation online (my smartphone still had charge) showed that a goodly chunk of Fernley was offline. Lisa went out and explored, and reported later that the Fernley Nugget casino had also lost power. NVEngergy projected that power would be restored by 1 AM. I went back to bed. Around 11 PM, I was re-awakened by the sound of my CPAP machine coming back on as power was restored. So it wasn't a long outage, and no harm came of it. And since our wood stove does not depend on electricity to run (like a pellet stove would), we didn't lose heat, either.

Current Mood: sick

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