December 22nd, 2017


Day Tripper

Our team got clearance to knock off work after lunch today, so this afternoon Lisa and I went to Reno hunting for a part. The knob broke on the switch box I use to share my computer monitors among my computers. In the Bay Area we'd go to HSC Electronic Supply. If this had happened before our trip to Sacramento, we could have possibly found one at Fry's Electronics. But there does not appear to be a good electronic-parts supply company in Reno. The closest thing was a place called Sandy's Electronics, which looked okay but then first moved, then went out of business, sold their remaining stock to a different company, and then that folded as well.

We went to a surplus store in Reno, and found a couple of knobs that might work. Then we started to go to one of the two Saver's stores, but Lisa balked because this one has one of its exit doors bolted, barred, and blocked. She won't go into places that block fire exits. It only takes one bad day to kill you, and she says people are too blasé about fire safety. So we went on to do some grocery shopping and headed home.

On our way home, we saw that the owner of Hanneman's Tow/Propane Service (we have used both of these, and they've been very nice to us) was in the shop, so we went home and grabbed the present we had purchased for him and his crew: a box of chocolates from Cost Plus World Market. We gave them cookies last year. They've been so nice to us throughout the year, and their work is 24/7 and means they can (and probably will) have their holiday interrupted with an emergency tow call at any hour of the day or night, so we like doing nice things for them.

Lisa has come down with some sort of sinus infection. We hope that I don't also get it, but I'm expecting to probably have to do battle with it myself.