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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, December 24th, 2017

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Oh Christmas Eve
I had intended to go bowl on half-price Sunday morning at the Fernley Fun Center after breakfast, but they were closed for Christmas Eve. Today kept me bouncing around town. I had to get a couple of last-minute grocery items, and also pick up more menthol inhalers and ointment for Lisa, whose breathing troubles got worse, not better. I got a propane bottle filled and then got Lisa more lotion-infused tissues. I also did some work on the Westercon web site. Westercon 65 let their domain lapse and a spammer harvested it, and has been posting spam, which Westercon.org has been dutifully re-posting, and that means that the spam was also going out on the Westercon Twitter feed. I though I'd gotten rid of the spammer a while back, but a rash of new posts this morning showed that I hadn't done enough. I hope I've managed to get the Westercon 65 account deleted from the Westercon site and the user deleted from Westercon.org.

Early this evening, Lisa was feeling a little better, so we went out for a traditional Christmas meal.

Traditional Christmas Dinner, eh?Collapse )

After dinner, we drove around and looked at more Christmas lights. (We'd already checked out the massive light show that goes on south of Fernley. I'm surprised that subdivision isn't cited by the FAA for interfering with air navigation, it's so bright.) Then we stopped by the Fernley Nugget where Lisa had a run of luck and ended up paying for 2/3 of our Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner with her slot winnings. That seemed to be enough for the night.

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