Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Break in the Weather

Today we had a break between snowstorms. There is a Winter Weather Warning for an "atmospheric river" storm that includes dire warnings from the National Weather Service for the Sierra Nevada such as "If you aren't at your destination by evening tonight, DO NOT TRAVEL." However, for the few hours of nice weather we had today, I took advantage to tidy up more snowed-in areas and also to run to the grocery store for some perishable items so we don't have to go out for the next few days, as the current forecast calls for snow starting this evening and continuing through Friday morning.

Fernley House in the Snow

Just before I swept the snow off the Astro so I could drive to the grocery store, I took this view of the house. We had several hours today where there were almost no clouds and there was bright sun, and with the snow reflecting it, everything was very bright.

Icicles & Rockets

This morning, as I was logging in to Day Jobbe, Lisa brought in this icicle that she plucked off the eaves of the garage.

Look Out Above

Later in the day, I took a picture of some of that nearly meter-long icicles siblings. They make a lot of noise when they break off, but as they don't overhang anywhere someone would walk, we're currently leaving them alone.

I was so taken by how nice everything look in the sun-dappled snow, with white from valley floor to peaks in all directions, that I took a short panoramic video from in front of the house.

Fernley House Panorama

The video starts with the Pah Rah Mountains to the west, takes in the lower hills to the north, and end looking to the east, where there are more mountains in the far distance, but they're not as easy to see.

Not long after I returned from the store, clouds started moving back in. I swept more snow accumulation from the woodbox and front porch in anticipation of the next storm starting this evening.
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