Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snow: Round 3

This morning looked a lot like two of the past three mornings on the front porch, with another 10 cm accumulation overnight. (I'd cleared the porch including the wood box and porch rails the day before because snow on the porch tends to freeze first so I try to keep it clear.)

Apparently [personal profile] travelswithkuma was giving Lisa Ideas, because later in the day, I found something on the large wood box that appears to have been Kuma's idea.

Snow Bear

Alas, it got warmer in the afternoon and some light rain dissolved this little snowbear.

Fernley House

It did not get bright and sunny like yesterday, but I trudged out through the snow to take another picture of the house with the latest round of snow.

Lisa got tired of icicles falling randomly and startling her, so she got the broom and knocked most of them down from the garage eaves. More will form, of course.

Amtrak has been affected by the weather, but not as badly as the Southwest Chief which was running more than 42 hours late today. I was ready for it when it came by today.

Amtrak in the Snow

Click through the image to see a short video of #5, the westbound California Zephyr, around 5 1/2 hours late heading for Reno and the passage through the Sierra Nevada. I'm sure it was a spectacular view for the passengers. I checked the train's status later and saw that they were over the top and heading down the hill. I don't know if the California State Railroad Museum volunteers are traveling Reno-Sacramento at the moment, what with the pandemic and all, but if they are, they won't be including the story of the City of San Francisco getting stuck at Yuba Gap in a blizzard that hit the Sierra in January 1952.

This afternoon after finishing up the Day Jobbe, I went out to do more "trimming" of snow including sweeping the snow off the wood boxes. Just as I was finishing, the next round of snow started to fall. I'm so glad the boxes are full and the refrigerator and larder well-stocked. I like snow, but I don't like to drive in it, so staying home and staying warm is just fine with me.
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