January 12th, 2018

Conrunner Kevin

Over the Top Again

This afternoon, as soon as I could get clear of work (not as soon as I would have liked), I set off for Sacramento, where I will be spending this weekend. Lisa, concerned about the flu going around, elected to stay home. The weather was good and the roads clear. Because I wasn't able to get away around Noon as I'd originally wanted, I ended up getting to Sacramento during heavier traffic and had to deal with a bit of a slowdown in Roseville, but it wasn't too bad.

Going through Reno, I stopped at the Bank of America to do some banking business. (I really regret BofA selling their rural branches, including Fernley's, to Washington Federal.) As I left the bank to continue west, I saw something that I wouldn't have expected to see on a Reno street.

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I checked with the hospital, and my sister is still in the ICU fighting off the flu. I told them to tell her to expect her brother to visit tomorrow.

It would have been possible to do all of the trips and visiting I have planned for this weekend in one marathon day out of Fernley starting tomorrow morning, but that much driving it a little hard on me, and I'm also taking advantage of a points offer from IHG. They still seem to think I'm a Spire Elite member even though I've actually fallen back down to Platinum on account of spending points last year (the Worldcon trip) instead of earning them.

The Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo (which isn't really that close to Cal Expo) is a decent average HIX. I do wish it had a hot tub, though. I could use one.