January 14th, 2018


Many Miles Today

After breakfast, I checked out of the hotel and went to see my sister, who had indeed been moved back to the long-term care home last night. Kelli still can't talk because of the ventilator, but she was happy to see me and I could make out some of the words she was trying to say to me. I promised her that I'd be by again in a couple of weeks, weather permitting, and then headed north to Dobbins via Marysville. I had some semi-annual legal stuff I needed to do with my mother there, which we did accomplish, but I stayed later than I should have done, and as a result I had a nervous drive out of Nevada City on CA-20. Fortunately the weather was clear. I got home around 8 PM. Now I need to try and wind down sufficiently to get back on my "weekday" working schedule tomorrow morning.
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