January 16th, 2018

Kevin and Lisa

Quiet Birthday

Today was Lisa's birthday; however, she also had a medical appointment, and we'd made no special plans. After I got off work, I took Lisa into Reno for her appointment. After that, I asked Lisa if she wanted to go out to dinner. We went to the place she picked, but it turned out to be too loud, so she said to take us home to Fernley. There, we got some of the free-casino-play coupons and went to the Black Bear Diner for a low-key dinner. Combining that we the other coupons and $10 got me $30 in free play. The attendant reminded me that it was "$10 Tuesday" and that if we won a jackpot of $10 or more, they'd give us another $10 in free play. Lisa started to play the free-play coupons, and by gosh she did hit a $15 jackpot (nice on a 30-cent bet). Free play has to be completely wagered, but by the time Lisa burned through the $40 worth of coupons, we had $43.25 in actual spending money, which is not bad for a $10 "investment." Indeed, it almost paid for dinner as well.

It's a work night for me, so we did not stay out late. We went home and Lisa opened her birthday present, a travel-size MyPillow. (We got her one in Laughlin last summer and she said she liked it so much that she wanted more of them.) Not terribly exciting, I know. We do our excitement at other times of the year.