January 19th, 2018

Fernley House

Wood Run

At lunch today, Lisa and I ran over to Big R to buy another pallet of fire logs. We're not out of logs yet, but we're down to about 1/3 of a pallet, meaning that it's time to get more. We have to leave it wrapped up until we're ready to unload it, which may be a few days yet.

Further complicating domestic affairs is a matter related to my efforts to finally clean up my late grandfather's estate that obliges me to get a document signed by both me and my mother in the presence of a California notary. Fortunately, there's one near where my mother lives who will come and do the document witnessing on a weekend. Assuming the current weather forecast holds and I can get over the mountain tomorrow, I'm heading to Dobbins again. On the bright side, the notary isn't available until late afternoon, so I don't have to be up before dawn and should be able to do the driving in daylight. Whether I'll come back tomorrow night, I don't know yet. I'm taking an overnight bag just in case.