January 28th, 2018


Home Again

I was able to get an extended check out at the Marriott and thus was able to leave Lisa to sleep in while I went to the 9 AM plenary session and division heads reports this morning. This lasted until after noon, but I had to leave shortly after I gave the WSFS division report at around 11:45 because we really needed to get checked out and rolling home, which we managed to do before 1 PM.

We stopped in Sunnyvale to collect accumulated mail. If you have a mailing address for me in Sunnyvale CA, ask for the new address in Fernley, because I'm going to drop the Sunnyvale PO Box that I've had for since 1994 this summer when it comes up for renewal.

In Tracy we stopped for lunch. We asked Kuma Bear where we should eat. The answer was obvious.

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After a stop for fuel at Lodi Jct., we continued to Sacramento. My sister has been in and out of the ICU a couple of times in the last month, but is back in the long-term care home. She was happy to see and talk with me and I with her. We visited for about twenty minutes and I promised to visit in February sometime, weather permitting.

Darkness fell as we left Sacramento. We could see a lot more headlights coming toward us out of the mountains than were following us East. We stopped in Auburn at the In-N-Out, and it did look very much like most of the other people there were returning from a weekend of skiing. When we got back on the road east again, the traffic coming west was still going gangbusters. In fact, it looked like a 40-mile-long traffic jam that didn't clear up until around Kingvale. I'm sure glad I wasn't going that way.

We got home just before 9 PM. Fortunately, the house hadn't cooled off that badly, and it wasn't too difficult to get the fireplace relit. Now I just have to wind down sufficiently to get to sleep and back on my normal work hours. After three trips over the mountains in three weeks, I'd like to get back into a more normal routine.

It was a very good and productive set of meetings in San Jose this weekend. I have a lot of follow-up e-mails I have to send in this coming week, though.