January 30th, 2018

WSFS Captain 2

Cracking Up

One of the bits of stuff I got for co-chairing the 2002 Worldcon in San Jose was a pair of large mugs from the San Jose Convention Center. I broke one while living in Fremont, but I've been using the other one as my "standard mug" for many hot drinks. Not any more: after finishing a hot drink, I made the mistake of putting in cold water almost immediately. I heard a crack and upon examination, saw that the base of the mug had cracked nearly all the way around. It was only the last bit that failed to crack that kept the bottom from falling out on the spot. That's the end of my San Jose mugs, but I guess that fifteen-plus years is a plenty good run. Time to break out the WSFS Armadillo mugs from the 2005 Worldcon in Glasgow, I reckon.