January 31st, 2018

Fernley House


One good thing about my working hours was that I was up at an hour suitable for watching today's total lunar eclipse. Lisa saw more than I did, as she didn't get any sleep last night and was up and about when it started. I could only get some brief looks, because my work day was starting when totality hit, but I did manage to get to see it at totality, about halfway past totality, and near the end just before the moon set and the sun rose. I didn't embed any of the photos because frankly they aren't very good. The camera phone is not at all suited for these kinds of pictures. Possibly if we'd had the Sony out there on a tripod and played with the settings we could get something worth sharing. Still, this "super blue blood moon" was nice to watch. Clouds that had obscured the start of the eclipse had mostly cleared by the time I was there, so unlike our last lunar eclipse, we actually got to see it.

After the moon set and the eclipse ended, Lisa, who had been up all night, went to bed and I got back to work. At the moment, Lisa and I have deeply out-of-synch hours, seeing each other at "shift change."