February 11th, 2018


Missed a Chance

We had two different free-play offers from the Fernley Nugget Casino, so we had dinner at the Black Bear Diner attached to the Nugget last night, which activated one offer (eat the BBD, get $10 free play), then used the other offer ($20 free play for $10 cash). This last one was also supposed to be an entry for a drawing on February 10 for a free meal for two once a week for a year at the BBD, which would have been very nice. However, when I tried to register for that, they told me that there was a "typo" on the mailer and that the drawing had actually been last night. That's disappointing. If I'd made that kind of typo, I would have honored the later date. But never mind.

We had a decent conversion rate on the free-play, winning $31 from the $10 "investment," which paid for roughly half our dinner. And dinner was good, so it was time well spent.

Today I took it very easy, having breakfast at the Wigwam (spending money I won yesterday) and going bowling after breakfast. I laid low today. There aren't that many weekends I can spend doing so little, so I took advantage of it.

It was cooler and cloudier than the weather forecast originally said. I told Lisa this morning, "If the forecast hadn't said there was no precipitation coming, I would have said we're about to get snow. Late today, the forecast shifted to a 40% chance of snow tonight. I'm not complaining, but I'm also very glad I didn't have to travel tonight.