February 25th, 2018


No More California Income Tax

I got my taxes done this weekend. Thanks to decisions made by my management (that took months to get Human Resources to actually implement), this is the first tax return in my employed career where I have not had to file a California income tax return.

We went to Reno to do large-scale grocery shopping this evening. For some reason, Winco was a madhouse. Even with nearly every checkstand open, the queues were huge. They were nearly out of grocery carts. One of the staff said they couldn't see any particular reason for it. They're normally hugely busy on the 1st and 15th of the month, but there's no reason for this jam. Lisa and I balked, went to Raley's, got some of the things we needed for now, and resolved to go back on a mid-week evening that isn't the 1st/15th. But not tomorrow, because there is another snowstorm coming tonight. The Nevada Department of Transportation signs on the highway are warning people to plan ahead for Monday's commute. After the multiple huge accidents on I-80 and US-395 last week, I'm not surprised. We'll stay off the roads, I think.
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