March 1st, 2018

Fernley House

Blown Off My Feet

The leading edge of this storm system coming through pushed warm air in front of it followed by some high winds. According to the weather report, those winds were literally gale force (about 30 knots/55 km/h). When I went for a walk to the post office after lunch, I was nearly blown down by the wind, and I weigh about 125 kg (about 275 pounds).

Later than expected, light rain started falling this afternoon. For a change, my going for a walk didn't bring a snowstorm down upon my head. What we're getting here in Fernley, though, appears to be small beer compared to what is happening west of here. I saw that I-80 was closed for a while, and it takes a lot of snow to defeat Caltrans.

Personally, I'm happy to stay home out of the wind with a nice warm fire in the fireplace.