March 3rd, 2018

Snow Day

Just Enough to Look Nice

After the luxury of sleeping in all the way to 7 AM, I looked outside to see how much snow we had overnight. Lisa had swept periodically overnight before she went to bed, so the sidewalks didn't have much on them. I later measured the accumulation on top of the wood box at about 12 cm (between 4 and 5 inches).

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Things look better around here with a blanket of snow over them, but it does make me thankful that I rarely have to drive in the snow. And of course Fernley only gets a tiny bit of what falls on the Sierra Nevada, but that's okay with us, because Lake Tahoe is ultimately our local water supply, albeit that it takes a long time for the water to get here via the Truckee River, Truckee Canal, and seepage into our local aquifer.

I swept what snow was left from overnight and laid down de-icer and Oil-Dri® as needed, then walked to the Wigwam for my regular weekend breakfast. Luck was with me in use of the buy a meal/get $10 free play coupon, and I won my breakfast and then some.

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When I got home, I brought in more firewood from the garage and trimmed the edges of the snow along the sidewalks. I also had to dodge snow falling from the roof of the house and the shelter over the travel trailer, with only limited success, as I got a neck full of snow from one falling snowball. (Which of course is not as bad as if one of the icicles had fallen on my head.) The trailer shelter is doing a good job of handling the snow, although Lisa says we'll need to order the optional roof gasket and she'll have to go back up there, unscrew the roof cap, and put the gasket in to make the peak of the roof less likely to have snow or rain blow in sideways under the cap.