March 19th, 2018

Rolling Stone

On the Road With OTR

Because of a conference call I had on Worldcon 76 business on Sunday morning, I couldn't get rolling on Sunday until later than I wanted. Lisa spotted that the RV's tires looked low, and when we checked, we realized just how low. The tires say they're supposed to be at 80 PSI, and were mostly around 30-35. So my first stop was Hanneman Service, but their pump was broken, so I drove to Flying J, where I had to pay $4.50 (three five minute doses at $1.50), and even then I could only get the tires up to 60 PSI because their compressor isn't strong enough to get more air than that. Thus I was running late from the get-go.

Fortunately, the weather was fine. And Caltrans had done stellar work clearing I-80. Even with what looked like at least two meters of snow on the ground at Donner Summit (and snow on the ground all the way to Gold Run), the roads were clear and didn't even seem that icy, although they were wet from where snow was melting in the late-winter sunshine.

As is my wont for long solo road trips, I had an MP3 player full of old time radio (OTR) programs, which in this case includes episodes of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar from the later part of the run with Bob Bailey in the title role. I had three episodes in a row that gave me a smile for different reasons.

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It took about the usual amount of time to get to the Bay Area, including a very brief stop at the nursing home in Sacramento, where I had things I needed to deliver to my sister. Because of my cold, I kitted up with mask and hand sanitizer, and told Kelli I could neither stay long nor come too close as I handed stuff to her. I promised to come by again on my way home in two weeks.

My usual lay-up location was available, but for some reason I had difficulty sleeping. I assume it's the head cold, which makes it hard to sleep even with medication and my CPAP machine. I'm still not well. I hope I'm better before the meetings I'll be in later this week.