April 15th, 2018


Online - But Maybe Not For Long

This evening after dinner, Lisa and I ventured outside as a wind storm whipped through Fernley. (You may have noticed that we get a lot of wind here.) Lisa noticed a problem with our phone line, which hangs across the street running from the main line to a pole in front of our house.

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I tried calling AT&T. Multiple times. I tried 611. I tried various numbers on AT&T web sites that claim to be open 24/7 for reporting down lines. I called the operator. In every case, I ended up back at a recording telling me that their office is closed right now and to call back during normal business hours. I thought AT&T repair for their phone lines worked 24/7, but apparently their computers don't think so.

I tried calling the Lyon County (non-emergency) dispatch line. They told me to call NV Energy, because it's their pole. I called NV Energy, where I did actually get to speak to a human agent. He was as bemused as me at the LCSO's instructions, but he said he'd put in a ticket, and call me back if there was any development. Who knows, maybe there is someone at NV Energy who knows who to rouse someone from AT&T.

The irony of course is that the local AT&T office where the repair workers stage from (not open to the public) is about one block from my house. I can see it from the front porch. Not that there's anyone there right now, of course.

If that phone line goes down completely (including being clipped by a big rig to tear it down), I'll still be able to get my Day Jobbe done because I can bridge my company smartphone to the company computer. But this is not a preferred way of working, because it uses a horrendous amount of bandwidth, and whenever I exceed the 15 GB/month allowance on the phone, the company gets unhappy about the extra charges. But if I have to do it that way, I will.