May 3rd, 2018


On the Way to San Jose

Coming up this weekend (Friday-Sunday) in San Jose is the final big pre-convention "all hands" (i.e. as many people on the committee as can make it are encouraged to come) meeting for Worldcon 76. I'm taking Friday off so I can attend all three days, but because I had to work on Thursday and because of some other commitments, I couldn't make the drive to San Jose in one jump. So this afternoon after work I drove to Sacramento, visited my sister in the nursing home for a while, and checked in to the Holiday Inn Express.

Lisa is also on the staff of Worldcon 76 (she's the WSFS Business Meeting videographer), but she was not feeling well and decided to not attend. She did say that I should go ahead and go without her, so I did.

Today was the day that all of the people who have been chomping at the bit to cast their Hugo Award ballots can hurry up and vote: the 2018/1943 Hugo Award Final Ballot opened today. Voting will be open through the end of July 2018. Ballots cast today do not count double; in fact, they count just the same as ballots cast next week, next month, or just before the deadline. There are no tricks embedded in the process to try and disqualify people deliberately, but it seems like a lot of the questions I've fielded assume that we must be hiding "gotchas" somewhere. Maybe it's because of the rising tide of attempts at voter suppression in the USA and elsewhere that people assume that of course we're trying to prevent eligible voters from actually voting.

In any event, any eligible member (attending or supporting) of Worldcon 76 San Jose can vote on the 2018/1943 Hugo Awards. As long as you are a member by the voting deadline (July 31, 2018), you can vote on the final ballot. But I would strongly discourage people from trying to buy their memberships on the final day! You really don't want a computer glitch (either on your computer or on the online registration processing system) to prevent you from voting. If you are planning on voting, buy your membership sooner, not later, and save yourself a lot of anguish in late July.