May 5th, 2018

Kevin and Lisa

Cover Boy

Doug and Kirsten Berry joined Linda D. and I for breakfast at Peggy Sue's this morning before the opening session of "StaffCon" (the Worldcon 76 planning meeting). On our way back to the Marriott, I stopped and took pictures of two pieces of artwork on display near the Fairmont.

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A few weeks ago Doug and Kirsten wrote about wanting to install a cover for the roof air vent on the Free Trailer Beowulf, their home from home during Burning Man. Lisa, who already has one of these vents on her travel trailer, offered to buy them one, so we did last week. Today, after the walk-through of the San Jose Convention Center during StaffCon, I popped out to my van parked in the convention center garage and brought Doug their gift.

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And that was just the first half of Saturday.
WSFS Captain 2


"StaffCon" for Worldcon 76 planning had over 100 people registered, using the same RegOnline system that the convention itself is using. Today was a chance to do a bit of a dry run of what on-site registration would be like, and to discover some bugs now while there is a chance to adjust them and make things better for the actual convention. After the initial morning session, there were numerous impromptu meetings (including a short WSFS division meeting with the four members of the division who are actually here), followed by groups touring the San Jose Convention Center. There's an event moving in today, so we couldn't get at everything, but everyone got a decently good look around before the lunch break. The break allowed people to spread out and find places to get lunch within a short distance of the convention center. There are many such places (far more than there were sixteen years ago).

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The walkthrough of major logistical requirements of the divisions was very good, because it pointed out a number of gaps in planning, not excepting the WSFS division. Much better that we spot them now in May than in mid-August!

There were other planning sessions that I won't go into here because they covered some things that are not necessarily mature, but I would say it was a very useful and productive day, after which folks once again fanned out to find food. Downtown San Jose is hopping and loud with Cinco de Mayo revelers, but the group I was with managed to find a decent Japanese restaurant.

I've had a good time with this heavy-duty smoffing. I'm increasingly confident that we're going to have a really good Worldcon and will overcome the challenges that any Worldcon faces. Kevin Roche has assembled a good, motivated team of both seasoned Worldcon runners and more local convention-running fans who can be trusted to do the right things.