May 16th, 2018

Snow Day

Wild Weather

Fernley gets only about 5 inches of rain per year, but has been known to get 20% of the annual total in a single storm. For a while I thought today might be one of those days. Although the day dawned fine, and Lisa and I got out for a short walk when I was able to take a few minutes away from work around 7:30 AM, soon thereafter a promised storm moved in. We had a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, and I happened to be out at the travel trailer with Lisa under the shelter when the hail started. Pea-size (fortunately not golf-ball-sized) hail raised an enormous racket on the roof. Lisa was worried that we might start seeing dents, but the pieces weren't big enough. On the weather radar, we saw that the red zone of one of the cells apparently went right over us.

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I got another break in the rain around 4 PM and took another shot at collecting my campaign sign. Unfortunately, there was a production error on it. These things happen; I've worked on signs myself. I told them I'd be back tomorrow afternoon. It's probably just as well. The winds were so high that if I'd carried the sign out with me, I might have been blown home.

Walking back home, I looked west, and while it's hard to be sure, I think it's possible that there's a new dusting of snow on the Pah Rah Mountains. It won't last, but it's a pretty wild mid-May. The current forecast calls for continued rain for the next several days. I currently have plans to go to Sacramento this weekend, but if things are as crazy as this, I'm not going to do it.