May 18th, 2018

Conrunner Kevin

Sign Retrieval

I got a call this morning from the fire chief letting me know that my sign had been brought to the fire station, and that the Mayor had told him that the fence on which it (and the others) was mounted was city property, and thus forbidden for hanging signs.

After we collected my sign from the fire station and thanked them for holding it for me, Lisa and I drove down to the 76 station to talk to the owner. He had been surprised as anyone when all of the signs came down, as he thought the fence on which we posted the signs belonged to his gas station. He was even more surprised when I told him that there was still one sign posted, albeit not on the short fence.

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I obviously have no intention of violating any regulations about posting signs. I'm law-abiding, really! In the meantime, the owner of the drive-through espresso stand down the road says that it's okay for me to put one of my signs along her fence with the other ones that people have posted, as long as (of course) I don't block her shop's signs. We'll probably take a crack at that tomorrow.