May 26th, 2018

Sheriff Kevin

Hill Aerospace Museum

Today we drove from Wendover to the Hill Aerospace Museum in Roy, Utah, just north of where next year's Westercon will be. After discovering this place existed, we reckoned that we wouldn't have time to go see it next year, what with being the Fan Guests of Honor and all, so we decided to go look at it today.

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Of course Kuma Bear was with us. He has his own perspective on our day at the museum.

We did not get any pictures because we could only see it from I-15 and there was no easy way to get a picture (and besides, my phone was dying), but we got some rail-spotting as well: US Army locomotives and a locomotive servicing facility one side of the freeway, and Utah FrontRunner commuters trains on the other.

Lisa really enjoyed this visit, and I liked it as well. If your trip to Westercon next year (possibly to be combined with the 2019 NASFiC should they win their bid) gives you some spare time and you like planes, consider devoting one day to get up to Roy and visit this fine collection.

We had some other plans for the area today, but they sort of went to pieces on us, and we instead headed back to Wendover. We do, however, now know how to drive to the site of next year's Westercon. The drive through the Bonneville Salt Flats area was enlivened (if you might call it that) by driving through a salt storm. The storms that have been rolling through northern California and Nevada for the past several weeks in this case were blowing clouds of salty dust across the freeway. We need to remember to go wash the Astro after we get home so that the salt doesn't further deteriorate the minivan's paint.

There was a room available at the Red Garter. Unfortunately, unlike yesterday, the room was on the elevator-less wing, but we managed. It's just as well we were carrying our luggage; with the high winds, we needed the extra ballast.