May 28th, 2018

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Exploring Northeastern Nevada

On account of coming back from Utah a day sooner than originally planned, we had all day on Sunday to make the trip home, and could have stopped short had we wished. Without time pressure, we were able to stop and look at some of the things we have previously wanted to explore but didn't have time on other trips.

I know I originally wrote that the breakfast buffet at the Red Garter was okay. I have since downgraded it to "avoid" because Lisa was feeling sick much of the day we ate there and attributes it to their food preparation. (This was a contributing factor, but not the main one, toward our cutting the Utah portion of the trip short.) The beds in the hotel rooms, however, were among the best we've had, and we've stayed in lots of hotels. It was neither so hard that we felt like we were sleeping on plywood nor so soft that we would keep rolling into each other in the center of the bed in our sleep. So we recommend the hotel, but not their coffee shop, and on Sunday we ate breakfast at the Wendover Peppermill. We had breakfast in the coffee shop, as their buffet (and much of the west end of the building) is under renovation.

We would have stopped to look at the small aviation museum at Wendover Field, but it's closed on Sunday. We did not go poking around the outdoor exhibits because it was raining, and it rained hard on us for quite a while today. But it relented a bit at Elko, and a handout at the Red Lion Hotel/Casino tourist information rack reminded us of a museum we'd passed before. Today we finally had a look.

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The museum was well worth the $8 admission (for two) and the time we spent visiting it. We also picked up a book on the history of the Southern Pacific Railroad's Salt Lake Division (Sparks to Ogden), which covers where we live. I'm looking forward to reading this one very much.

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Leaving Elko, we pushed on to Winnemucca, where we stopped to have dinner at Winner's Casino. They once had signs all along the freeway touting their all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner. The signs are gone, but the deal still remains, and it's a good one. Lisa and I had three helpings, and considered the meal good value. This is a good place to stop for a meal if your travel takes you through here.

We had an option to stop here for the night, but Lisa (who actually drove the entire trip) said she was up to driving, so we kept going, and as I said yesterday, we got home about 10 PM. We originally had planned to stay home today, but had an offer from Cost Plus World Market that was worth going in to Reno to use.

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Completing our dining and grocery shopping, we headed home. I didn't get everything done today that I'd planned to do. I hope I can get the Worldcon business done in the next few evenings after work.