June 30th, 2018


Brief Site Visit to San Jose

Lisa and I drove to San Jose today to spend one night at the San Jose Hilton. This is because we'll be staying in the Hilton during Worldcon due to the logistics of both the Business Meeting and, Programming permitting, Match Game SF. Hotels do not go into the level of detail that Lisa wants about hotel rooms. There was a (relatively) low cost weekend rate at the SJ Hilton tonight, and there were some other things that Lisa and I wanted to get done in the San Jose area if possible, so we drove from Fernley this morning. Getting the various errands done put us in to the hotel relatively late, so we didn't get as much time around downtown as we might have wanted, but we managed.

Because the hotel room has a refrigerator, and there is a microwave oven next to the hotel business center for the use of guests (alas, no microwave oven in the hotel room), and there is a Safeway grocery store three long blocks from the hotel, we may well stock up on groceries to make our budget for meals during the week-plus we'll be in San Jose in August stretch farther, and simply to make it possible to get meals relatively quickly. I wish we'd had a refrigerator in the hotel room at the Fairmont when we were there for the 2002 Worldcon. I co-chaired that convention and didn't get meals several nights of the convention because I didn't have time at traditional meal times, and by the time I could eat, most or all places were closed. There are a lot more places to eat in downtown than there were in 2002, but I'm still concerned about getting fed. It should be easier for people who are not also working at the pace we'll be working.

One unfortunate bit of news we discovered while walking around downtown is that the downtown Walgreen's location appears to have closed down. That's a shame, because having that Walgreen's only three or four blocks from the convention center was very convenient for a large number of sundry items.

I took a whole lot of detailed photos of our Hilton king room, but do not have time to do a full write up or to post them tonight. Some other Worldcon business came up while we were driving to San Jose today, and I had to deal with them urgently tonight. We drive home tomorrow (and I intend to stop and visit my sister in Sacrament on the way). I'll write up the photos and post them all as soon as I can.