October 27th, 2018


Another Sacramento Trip

I let myself get one extra hour of sleep, but only one, before getting breakfast at the Wigwam, checking my messages, and getting on the road to Sacramento. My sister is back in the post-acute skilled nursing facility again after the acute problem that put her in the hospital is past, and now that she's not on the full-time ventilator she can talk again.

We spent several hours talking. I brought her ballot to her -- because of the situation at the nursing home, all of her mail comes to me; I consequently get two states' worth of political campaign mailers -- and I packed it up and got it mailed for her. (This election I remembered to bring stamps. Unlike Nevada, California requires that you pay the postage. I'm glad I was able to mail it from Sacramento County rather than having to carry it home to mail it back to Sacramento.) I showed her all of the pictures from the Tonopah trip. Some of the pictures reminded her of Bodie, where our father took us many years ago and where I visited again with Lisa a couple of years back.

It's a long day for me to make this 300-mile round trip up and down the mountain. I'd rather spend the night in a hotel, but the money I would have spent on that went to Lisa and my anniversary trip, so it was out and back in one day. The weather was excellent, though, and the views were pleasant. Contrary to some beliefs, the Sierra Nevada has deciduous trees as well as b****y conifers, and the fall colors, while not a spectacular as some places, were still very colorful. In just a few weeks, I expect it will be much more difficult to make trips like this. I just hope the weather over the first weekend of December is clear, as that's SMOFCon in Santa Rosa.