November 16th, 2018

Not Sensible

Why I'm Unlikely to Ever Be Elected

The City of Fernley updated their videos, and thus I got to hear just what I said at the special meeting about whether the city council should go ahead and get in the legislative queue even though the advisory measure lost by a handful of votes.

For some reason, DW doesn't like the embed code, so you can watch it on their web site instead. My part is near the end, at about 1h22m.

It wasn't perfect, partially because I didn't have a firm script and I stumbled a couple of times, but I think I managed to make all of the points I wanted to make in four minutes.

Of course, if I was a true politician only interested in getting elected, I would have gone up there and said, "No new taxes, not now, not ever!" which would certainly appeal to the burn-it-to-the-ground people out there who think you can have the benefits of a community without paying for it in some way.