December 30th, 2018

Kevin and Lisa

Sunday Drivers

After breakfast at the Wigwam this morning, Lisa and I went out for a drive, on account of today is likely to be on the only (relatively) warm day this week, with a high of as much as +10°C. We drove up toward Pyramid Lake out of Wadsworth to have a look at things.

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The paved road ends a bit north of Sutcliffe (we drove that way once in Lisa's 4WD pickup to explore the abandoned site of Flannigan, where land is cheap but water is dear), so it was time to head south again. We considered taking NV-445 (the Pyramid Highway) back down to Sparks and doing some grocery shopping, but Lisa was feeling tired (she'd been up since midnight, she told me) and so we headed home at that point, having had a pleasant day of sight-seeing. Someday we need to come up here on a weekday afternoon and visit the fish hatchery. Kuma Bear wants to see the "salmon trout" for which John C. Fremont originally named the river now called the Truckee when his expedition explored this area in 1844.