January 9th, 2019


Government Training

Last night, I walked down to City Hall to attend training on Nevada Government Ethics and the Nevada Open Meeting Law. I was a little uneasy about attending, given that I'm not actually an elected or appointed official, only an unsuccessful candidate for office, but I needn't have worried. First of all, turnout was not huge, and secondly, the Mayor said (when I offered to pay for some of the pizza on offer inasmuch as I wasn't an actual local official) that it was fine and not to fret about it. (I really did want to help pay for it, given that the Mayor had bought the pizza out of his own pocket to entice more people to attend, but he turned it down.)

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While attending the training meant that I lost a couple of hours of sleep, I found it useful and educational. Now the question is whether I'll ever get to put any of it into practice.