January 27th, 2019


A Boring Result

With better weather comes more home improvement projects. One of those left over from the long list of things the house inspector left us when he inspected this house before we bought it is installing an electrical outlet in the kitchen to replace a line that we've never used on account of it was contrary to building code. Besides, when the contractor replaced the cracked under-floor beam, they ended up pinching the line anyway. Lisa's plan was to drill a new hole up from underneath the house, run conduit through the hole back to the place where the sub-standard wires came from, and run new wires through the conduit and up to the place where the (never used by us) outlet is.

Lisa wrestled with her cordless drill and a not-long-enough drill bit for the desired one-inch hole for more than an hour, running through two battery charges, before determining that we just didn't have the right tools for the job. It was time for another trip to the hardware store.

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When Lisa runs the conduit and electrical lines for the new/replacement kitchen outlet, she intends to also install a power outlet under the house branched off that line. That will make any future work that needs to be done down there with power tools — and there probably will be some, as this place is an ongoing project — it will be much easier to connect them.