February 18th, 2019

Snow Day

How Cold Was It?

Yesterday had a lot more snow than originally forecast, although it came in waves, between which much of it would melt. This was presumably because the air temperature was above freezing. Lisa decided to go ahead an mount the thermometer she bought at Alppi-Rauta in Helsinki while I was doing our laundry at the 24 Pasula across the street at the grocery store during our Worldcon trip. (Very conveniently located on one of the tram lines that stopped at the Convention Center.)

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Early rounds of the snow had been light and fluffy — the stuff Lisa calls "TV commercial" weather because it's the powdery snow through which you drive 4WD vehicles when you want to show them off in a commercial. This was thus light enough that she could break out the leaf blower.

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Total accumulation could not have been much more than 2 cm, and we got lots of exercise sweeping snow as it fell throughout the day.

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Around sundown, we decided to risk a walk around downtown. I slipped twice and Lisa four times, but fortunately none of us took a total spill. While the snow was gone, as the sun went down it got cold quite fast, and all of the water and snow on the sidewalks turned to ice rather quickly. We were fortunate to get back home without falling.