April 1st, 2019

Kreegah Bundalo

Struggling Along

Neither Lisa nor I are any better. I went out and got some cough medication at mid-day. Both of us need as much rest as we can get, but our condition means that it's actually hard to sleep.
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No Fooling: We've Got Photos

There are now almost 200 new photos in the Tonopah Tour album on Flickr.

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Those of you who have asked about smoking in any of the proposed sites:

1. None of the spaces where we are expecting to use function space allow smoking.
2. The Mizpah Hotel itself, including its lobby bar and restaurant, are non-smoking.
3. The Tonopah Convention Center and Old Tonopah Library are non-smoking.
4. The Mizpah Club Casino is across the driveway from the Mizpah Hotel, and does allow smoking. At the south end of the Club there is a wall and doors (not just an open space) separating the casino from the Key Club cafe, which is non-smoking. There is also a separate entrance at that end of the building, so you never have to traverse a smoking area to get to the Key Cafe or the function space located above it.
5. There is a 150-seat function room located above the Key Cafe. It is accessible by stairs or an elevator located outside the Key Cafe. As with the cafe itself, it means that you do not have to cross a smoking area to get to the function space.

I hope this clarifies things for those of you worried about smoking/vaping in our facilities. We know it's an issue, and we've been watching for it.

If you want to do any gambling without getting into smoke, there are some slot machines in the Mizpah Hotel lobby bar, open only when the bar is open. The bar is apparently open as long as their is sufficient business to keep it running. Perhaps y'all can consider that a challenge.