April 7th, 2019

Conrunner Kevin

Video Editing

I'm feeling much better today. Lisa and I were able to get out for a couple of good long walks. I started working on editing the video that Lisa shot while we were in Tonopah. I put together an approximately eleven minute video of me walking around the Tonopah Convention Center explaining how it's laid out and what a great place it is for the convention we can hold there.

I still don't know enough about using Premiere Pro to be able to generate the final result in anything other than a much-too-large file (800 MB for 11 minutes). Every time I try lower settings, I get smaller files, but their quality is awful. YouTube says it will take about three hours to upload this file over our poor upload connection. Sometime tomorrow it will get published, and you'll be able to have a look for yourselves what we've been talking about.