April 30th, 2019

Rolling Stone

Let There Be Light... Then Dark... Then Light...

Yesterday after Day Jobbe I drove to Redwood Shores for my half-yearly dental cleaning and exam. I was there extra time because, as I thought, one filling had cracked. My dentist had time to grind out the old filling and place a new one, saving my having to come back (a significant consideration when it usually means me spending a week in the Bay Area if I want to see him). While finishing up, he asked if I was still living out of my RV when I came down here. I said yes and gave him the short version of the problem I'm having with the lights and how I can't open the hood single-handedly. He offered to help, and we walked out to my van where I pushed down on the hood while he pulled the hood release. As it happens, I'd parked right next to his car. (Really glad I didn't door-ding it!) I thanked him and called Lisa so we could do the next part of the trouble-shooting.

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At the BASFA meeting, I had a chance to make the case for Tonopah to the assembled members, repeating my plea that, instead of pre-supporting our bid, they use that money to buy memberships in SpikeCon (Westercon 72/2019 NASFiC) and vote for us in the Westercon 74 site selection election.

I also collected from Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley a set of the vertical hanging banners (one large to put next to or behind the table and one small for table-top use) from Worldcon 76. The sign shop to whom we spoke in Fernley said that they can print new banners for those signs and change the banner out of our existing hardware cheaper than buying a new banner would cost. I stowed the banners in the RV under the sofa and thanked them for helping out the bid.

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It will be annoying to have no CPAP, because it means not getting enough rest, and my nights are short enough as it is with the alarm set for 4 AM, but I'll survive.