May 4th, 2019


Just a Spoonful of Sherman

Yesterday evening, after a busy afternoon traveling up and down the Peninsula by both VTA light rail and Caltrain heavy rail (about which more later), I went to downtown San Jose to see the 3Below Theatre production of A Spoonful of Sherman.

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By now anyone reading this knows how much I love the work of the Guggenheim family who run 3Below. I'm a bit embarrassed sometimes about how much I gush over them, and I try not to monopolize their time when they're so generous with it, including how the cast generally comes out and socializes with the audience after the show. (Easier to do with such a small theatre, of course.) If I lived still lived close enough to know I could reliably attend more shows, I would take out a subscription. Alas, I've already been obliged to miss several shows earlier this year due to the extended engagement of winter in the Sierra Nevada.

Sherman was originally to close this weekend, but has been extended. If you can get to downtown San Jose and haven't seen this show, and have any interest in all in the Shermans' music, I encourage you to go see it. If you're at all like me, you'll come out of the theatre with a smile on your lips and several songs in your head.
Confusion Ahead

Up, Down, and All Around

This story is not about going to see A Spoonful of Sherman. Or rather it's a trip report going and coming, and if travel misadventures don't interest you, you can skip the cut tag now.

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I'm very glad that I did not have to be up early this morning, but even so I only slept in for about two extra hours. This afternoon I'll be heading back to San Jose, but unlike downtown, parking at Municipal Stadium is not difficult. I just have to remember to make sure the headlights are turned off. Then I'll join the folks from BASFA for Star Wars night.

I don't expect to have anything online tomorrow morning, because my current plan is to get up when I wake up, then head for home via Sacramento. I'm sufficiently tired that I need to allow extra time, and if necessary stop and nap along the way. I'd go part-way home tonight after the game, except I haven't found places I feel comfortable stopping for the night between Sunnyvale and Sacramento. There are places beyond Sacramento like the Gold Run Rest Area (18 hours parking permitted), but not a lot of likely places out along I-5 except possibly at Lodi Junction and the truck stops there. Maybe sometime I'll give that a try, but my current regular location has the advantage of being nice and quiet at night, which truck stops are not.

And the next time I try this trick with a 3Below show, I think I'll stick to Plan B, or maybe even Plan A if I can find a place to squeeze the RV into on-street parking near where I used to live off North First Street.