May 8th, 2019


Bullet Bitten

We bought our airline tickets for the Worldcon trip yesterday. Lisa and I will fly on IcelandAir from SFO (they've started flying out of SFO again 4x/week) to Dublin, attend Worldcon, take the train to Belfast to attend Eurocon, then take the bus back to Dublin Airport to fly to Iceland, where we'll stay for three nights before flying back to SFO. We'll bracket the trip with nights in an airport-area hotel that includes a certain amount of parking, at a rate that effectively means they're renting us the parking for three weeks and including two hotel nights in the cost.

The two coach fares run about $2700 (we got the 'flex' fares that will allow us to make changes without penalty, which costs more), and we've also put in bids for upgrades to Saga class, which I hope we'll get, at least for the two long legs SFO-KEF and return.