May 13th, 2019


Nearby Medical Appointments

Today, Lisa and I both had appointments to have our eyes examined at the optometrist here in Fernley. His office is a 5-10 minute walk, so this wasn't difficult. My eyes have deteriorated slightly, as I expected, so I also put in an order for new general-purpose glasses. My prescription sunglasses and my computer lenses look to be good for another year.

My back has been hurting since the trip to the Bay Area, thanks to huddling in conference rooms and not sleeping as comfortably as usual in the Rolling Stone. A new chiropractic office has opened in the same small center as where the optometrist's office is, so on the way out, I stopped in to make an appointment. To my surprise, the doctor could see me that afternoon! Lisa decided to go on home to make dinner (she roasted a chicken, and it was very good) while I filled out paperwork and the doctor examined me. It doesn't look like I have a pinched nerve, just some strained muscles. He worked on me for a while, and I feel somewhat better. I have a follow up appointment on Thursday.

I'm not used to being able to get medical appointments on such short notice. We made the vision appointments only a week ago, and the only reason we couldn't do them sooner was because I needed them to be at 3 PM or later so they would be after work. The small-town practices here must have somewhat more slack in their schedule, so I don't have to make plans weeks and months in advance.
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