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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, May 19th, 2019

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Breakfast on Sunday lasted longer than usual because I came during a rush period (which I usually try to avoid) and my order accidentally slipped out of the queue. I wasn't troubled, given that I typically linger over breakfast while reading, but eventually I realized that I'd been forgotten. My server was aghast and apologized mightily. I told her not to worry about it.

After breakfast I walked to the local bowling center. I have not bowled in some weeks because of the hip muscle strain I developed during the last trip to the Bay Area. However, I did play pinball. The Frontier Fun Center has got a new pinball machine — Ghostbusters — replacing the KISS machine that I didn't like very much. As it happens, the local supplier who supplies the machines was there, and we spoke for a while. He also repairs and restores video games, and I mentioned that Lisa has an Asteroids machine that needs restoration. He gave me his card and we may be in touch later for him to come around and have a look and see what he might be able to do and whether we can afford it.

Current Mood: optimistic

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