May 20th, 2019

Tonopah Westercon

Sliding Along

I spent many hours yesterday preparing an automated (unattended) slide show about Tonopah, which we intend to leave running at our bid table on one of my computers and (assuming we can make the connection) in our room party. It's about 5 minutes long and has a lot of slides in it. This is not the same thing as a short set of slides to which I would speak during a presentation, but a long show of images of Tonopah.

As it's possible to save a PowerPoint slide show as an MP4 file, once I'm satisfied with what I have here, I may upload the resultant video to YouTube and post it, so that people and see the show even without coming by our table or room party.

Meanwhile, we now have a Tonopah Merchandise Store on Zazzle. This is not as effective as having shirts made and trying to sell them at our bid table, but it also means we won't be left with unsold inventory. We bought items for ourselves and they're on their way. Particularly if you're going to be at SpikeCon and want to show support for our bid, consider buying a shirt or tote bag and let people see you in it, particularly on Thursday or Friday, the only days that voting will be happening.