May 26th, 2019

Tonopah Westercon

Westercon Field Work in Tonopah

Saturday we spent a lot of time in Tonopah doing what we think of as "field work" for the bid, investigating how Tonopah deals with their largest event of the year. This also allowed us to get photos of what the Tonopah Convention Center looks like when there's an actual event in it.

But first, we stopped in to talk with and buy things from a store where Lisa has been before on one of our previous trips.

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After stashing our purchases from Vanwood in the minivan, it was on to the craft fair at the Tonopah Convention Center.

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For dinner, we went down to the Stage Stop Cafe at the Tonopah Station.

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After dinner, it was back to the Mizpah, where things were hectic.

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By this time, Lisa and I were worn out. We retreated to the hotel room and I spent about three hours tagging and labeling photos and trying to get some of them posted. I'll be posting stuff to the Tonopah bid's Facebook page (including many of these photos) for days.

We've been having a good time, enjoying ourselves and proving to our satisfaction that Tonopah can hold a big town-wide event. Now I hope we can show the rest of the fans who will be making the decision in Utah in a few weeks that this is the case.