June 7th, 2019


Critters in the House

Yesterday afternoon, I heard rattling sounds coming from the kitchen that I initially ascribed to the high winds blowing the curtains around. When the sounds continued even when the wind didn't, I thought maybe we'd caught another mouse and checked the trap. Well, we had caught one, but it was dead (ick) so I cleaned out the trap and put it back in the kitchen. The paper-rattling sounds continued. I traced the sound to be coming from a paper bag in the kitchen, and investigated further.

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After telling Lisa about this, I took the trapped lizard outside, tipped over the bag in which it was stuck (they can climb many walls, but apparently not brown paper sacks), and it quickly skittered away behind the wood box, where we hope it will eat lots of bugs and stay out of the house. The lizards are not dangerous, but they can startle one badly when they come shooting across the floor.