June 22nd, 2019

Sheriff Kevin

Summer In the Sierra

On Friday afternoon, I was indeed able to get away from Day Jobbe at a reasonable hour. We were actually so far ahead of my original schedule that after I made a stop at Truckee at the Bank of America to get some cash (BofA sold the Fernley branch to another bank; Truckee was convenient to get cash), I suggested, and Lisa agreed, that we take Donner Pass Road (old US-40) instead of the faster I-80 route.

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After this short stop (and a pledge to someday come here with an exploration of the old rail route as our only goal for the trip), we continued over the pass and down old US-40 until forced back onto the freeway where the old highway is no longer available.

In Sacramento, we had an errand to Fry's Electronics. Unfortunately, the Sacramento Fry's selection of audio parts was distressingly small, as if they are intending to discontinue carrying components. We also had some other errands, and by the time we were done with them, it was dinner time, so we had dinner at Sizzler near the last errand before returning to our hotel. (We'd checked in earlier that day when we first passed by it before heading out on errands.)

Today was a very successful trip and a lovely event for my mother, but we've been out since 8 AM and didn't get back to the hotel until 9 PM, and I've not had time to process the photos. I'll write about my mother's remembrance ceremony tomorrow or the next day. We head home on Sunday, but we're very, very tired. Fortunately, we can sleep in tomorrow before heading for home.