June 24th, 2019

Kuma Bear

Home for a Week

As we drove home from Sacramento yesterday, we briefly though we were only a couple of days from having to leave for Utah and SpikeCon/Westercon/NASFiC; we actually leave a week from tomorrow. We took our time driving home, stopping in Roseville to look in Fry's (they seem to be having supplier issues with the parts Lisa wants) before stopping for breakfast at Kuma Bear's favorite restaurant.

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After breakfast we went to Railroad Hobbies in Roseville and spent more money than probably was wise, before turning for home. But because we had plenty of time, we did a little bit of side-road exploration. I now think I've driven (not all on the same day) all of the remaining continuous sections old US-40 between Sacramento and Truckee, and some of the discontinuous ones.

This week we both have to rest a bit from last weekend but also pack for Utah. That means packing all of the Match Game SF gear plus the Tonopah Westercon bid, plus our own personal luggage of course, but the latter often feels like an afterthought. Lisa is not bringing the large P2 camera for this trip because she's testing out a smaller rig at Westercon in the hope of using it for Dublin, and that helps a little on space.