July 5th, 2019

Tonopah Westercon

We Won!

The results won't be official until Saturday's Westercon Business Meeting receives them, but Tonopah received 61% of the ballots cast with preference (Tonopah 82, Phoenix 51, Write in 1), and there was nothing controversial, so it appears that I join Sally Worhle as the second person to chair a Westercon after chairing a Worldcon.

We're still completely run off our feet here, so I don't have time to write more, but we also had a great Match Game SF show this evening, which is why I have not written more sooner. It does not look to me like I'll get much more written later either, as we not only have our Fan GOH responsibilities to SpikeCon and trying to set up a Westercon 74 sales table, but we also have a Westercon 74 Tonopah Thank You Party on Saturday night. At least we don't have any more shopping to do because we got a lot more stuff than necessary for the first party.