July 10th, 2019

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Rolling Home

Because we returned the U-Haul truck last night (borrowing our van from the mechanic's lot so that we didn't have to walk back to the hotel, then returning it to the lot so they didn't think we'd run off on them), we didn't have to get up terribly early and could sleep in for a couple of hours, which we did. Once we were ready to go, we walked over to the shop, paid for the van ($475 including the 10% AAA discount), drove the van back around the block to the hotel, packed our bags, checked out, and headed for home.

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While we were anxious to get home, we were both so tired that we had to make many stops to rest and stay awake. As we pulled out of Lovelock, the last city before Fernley (about 50 miles), Lisa noted that the gas gauge was low. I asked what the trip-meter said, and based on that reading, figured we had enough gas to get back to Fernley with some distance to spare. What I didn't realize was that somehow we had reset the trip-meter around 100 miles after we refueled at Fernley before leaving for Utah.

As we crested the last hill before Fernley, the Astro started showing signs of being out of gas. Lisa shifted into neutral and shut off the motor, then turned on the emergency flashers and coasted. We rolled several miles, then down exit 48. We lucked out in that there was no conflicting traffic at the bottom of the ramp, and she rolled us into the Flying J, where (luck again), there was an open pump.

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We got home around 4:45 (just as Amtrak was going by on time eastbound), unloaded the van, then made a trip to Raley's to refill groceries.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work, and I've rarely been so happy that my commute is from my bedroom to the living room.

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Despite the vehicle drama with the breakdown in Elko and the out-of-gas at Fernley, this really was a good trip, and we're happy about it, but now we need to rest and recuperate for a few days.