July 14th, 2019


Light Housekeeping

On Saturday, while we were at Lowe's on an unrelated errand, Lisa decided it was time to finally tackle a job she's been meaning to do for a while now.

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This replaces a 6 x 37-watt incandescent fixture with a 2 x 32-watt florescent fixture that also generates roughly twice as many lumens as the old installation, using bulbs that have a multi-year rated lifespan. (The old fixture will be useful in the garage, but won't get used very often.) It's a different kind of light, even with getting the "warmest" bulbs available (3000K), and will take some getting used to; however, it's now much easier to read things while sitting in the living room, and inasmuch as this is my home office for the foreseeable future until a major (i.e. expensive) upgrade happens upstairs, I'm happy that it's done. It took Lisa part of one afternoon (I held the ladder and passed tools to her) and didn't cost very much, either.