July 21st, 2019

Rolling Stone

Back Home Again

Saturday was the first SFSFC Board of Directors meeting after we won the Tonopah Westercon bid, and my committee's report was longer than all of the other SFSFC committees combined, in large part because we don't really have a full-blown Westercon 74 committee in place, and so I'm having to lean upon the SFSFC board (some of whom will be part of WC74) for now until I get everything arranged.

After the meeting, I had multiple errands, one of which was time-constrained. At the recommendation of Andy Trembley and Kevin Roche, I drove down to a thrift store in South San Jose near where they live and bought a large crockery drink serving container they'd seen there. That should be useful for Tonopah hospitality, but it's heavy. It was very inexpensive, however. I might have spent more on fuel in the Rolling Stone than the cost of the crock.

Then the time constraints started to kick in. Lisa had asked me to go to Ham Radio Outlet to buy 50 feet of a particularly type of cable that she's not been able to locate in the Reno area on account of all of the electronic stores are gone. The HRO in Sunnyvale closed a while ago, so the only one available was in Oakland, and it closes at 5:30 PM. However, I'd not had lunch other than a food bar after the SFSFC meeting, so I really had to stop and have something to eat. After that it was an annoyingly slow slog up I-880, which even on a Saturday included a long slowdown that stretched from Union City to near Oakland Airport before finally freeing up. I made it to HRO with 20 minutes to spare and picked up the cable.

Having now pointed in the direction of home, I either needed to back-track to Sunnyvale (not desirable) or keep going. Fortunately, other than another slowdown around the Caldecott Tunnels, it was pretty smooth sailing up to Sacramento, including another meal stop at Cordelia Junction and a fuel stop on the edge of Sacramento at the Pilot 49er Truck Stop. I didn't get to the nursing home until around 9 PM, just as Kelli was getting ready for bed, but I delivered a package of chocolate to her and some other things she'd requested, briefly filled her in on my adventures for the past week, and promised to come visit her around her birthday (first weekend of August).

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After a relaxing breakfast with a cool Sierra breeze wafting through the window, I set off for home, stopping at Truckee for more coffee and at the Pilot truck stop just before I got home because I was concerned that I might run out of gas. In fact, I was down to only three gallons, which is only 27 miles' range on the RV, but it wasn't quite running on fumes.

Lisa helped me unload the RV, we went and got some groceries, and I'm working on unpacking things and getting back to "home normal" for a few days.